Life has not always been joy and inspiration for me. After getting into a car accident six years ago, my life has been one of heartache after heartache. I suffered from depression and a broken brain. I had lost my joy in living. I would cry at the drop of a hat and often wondered why I couldn’t accomplish the simplest of tasks like making a phone call. Painting soon became my gift from God, my therapy, my life-line. It was if I painted my way through the depression by creating the life on canvas that I truly wanted to live. The more I painted joyful and colorful paintings, the more I experienced joy and color in my own life. My heart began to bloom with excitement and life.

 This is an original piece titled “Bloom” on an 11 x 14 stretched gallery canvas. I used acrylic paint, handmade papers, vintage wallpaper, vintage book pages, paint store swatches, handwritten vintage letters (written by my grandmother and grandfather), clothing patterns, and watercolor crayons. I love using found objects to create textures in my paintings. I choose vibrant and bright color schemes for all of my pieces. I chose a complementary color scheme for this painting of yellow and violet and I love the contrasting colors together.


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