Blue for a Day

24" x 24"    I have never figured out why "blue" is used to describe sad emotions.  To me, blue is sky and sea and ice.  It is looking into the eyes of my children.  It is blue jeans, my favorite work shirt and my grandchildrens' wading pool. It is the coffee mug I start my day with. It is  the robin who has claimed my porch to build a nest every year and the eggs she puts there.  It is the flax that I grow in my front yard.  It is the collar my big, goofy labrador/bloodhound mix dog wears.  Very happy stuff.

Multi-media loom weaving.  Hand dyed fabric, hand made paper, hand dyed threads, silk cotton wool, needle felting, block printed, screen printed, hand embroidered, machine needle painted, beaded, copper wire, tubing and leafing, acrylic paint, oil sticks, alcohol ink.


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