Book Sewing Frame repurposing a folding chess board

My sewing frame: My intention was to use materials I had on hand. I already had the folding chess set box that had been purchased at a flea market. It's hinged, hand made to hold chess pieces (I made a pendant out of the queen but that's another story). The wood pieces were from a child's building set I purchased at a garage sale. The strip of wood glued to the front underside, front, was an oak threshold remnant put in place prior to cutting the slot. The inside is collaged with a 1918 newspaper I found at a yard sale. The wood slats, also from my stash of "things to go with other things" were inserted to compartmentalize the inside so the pieces don't fall out of the slot when the box is closed. The snap on the outside of the box is from a cigar box. The best part – the "book club participants/1/4" scale" – were part of my stash and is a delight every time I open the box.

It's compact, sturdy and works like a charm.   More pictures at


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