Book: Winter into Spring 2010

Book: Winter into Spring 2010 is 7inches by 9 inches by 1 inch thick.  This is a journal I made using papers and fabrics I painted in January, February  and March of this year. I started stitching bits and pieces together in April  and May - enjoying the organic process of playing with each painted tidbit and  stitching them with one of my favorite things: used tea bags. I simply made mini  collages, not sure of where they would lead me. Throughout this time period, I  was going through some spiritual searching - wondering why I'm here on earth,  what I'm meant to do, what life is all about. Deep stuff that is made accessible  when I can incorporate my thoughts into artwork! In June I decided the mini  collages I'd been assembling were meant to be a book, so I added stamped and  handwritten words to each page. I assembled the book and stitched another  favorite item - fabulous fibers and yarns - to the outside.  It is a wonderful  piece of art that documents my life journey artistically and spiritually during  the first few months of the year.  


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3 thoughts on “Book: Winter into Spring 2010

  1. Hi “nmartensen” –

    Thanks for your comment. I stamped and stencilled with white, always adding more layers of stamping or stencilling with color on top of the white. It is fun to watch a fabric go from an “ugly” stage to a more fun stage by adding another layer!

    Thea : )


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