Border Patrol

Border Patrol measures 11.5" x 9".  It is made of leather, metal tins,  printed and drawn on shrink art, jewelry, fabric.  This narrative addresses the patrolling of the American and Mexican border – comparing the heros and saints of each side – ultimately asking the question – how different are we really?  Representing the American border is the European ideal of the Virgin Mary and the Lone Ranger. Representing the Mexican border is  Our Lady of Guadalupe and Zorro.

My current body of work has evolved from my interest in the explorations and interpretations of both the metaphysical and the physical world; the secular, the spiritual, the sacred and the profane. I create narratives by capturing imagined moments in time – using literal, figurative, and textual connotations. The ambiguity of interpretations based on content and context often lie behind an idea for one of my pieces. The work is based on personal musings and concepts about these two worlds both past and present through appropriating and creating imagery from historical and pop cultural iconography as well as the variety and beauty of the flotsam manufactured by our society.

I incorporate a wide variety of ephemera and materials into my work such as leather, wire, fabric, old tins, and jewelry as well as images printed and drawn on shrink plastic. Sometimes an image alone will suggest a narrative, while other times it is only through manipulating and playing with a variety of disparate materials together, the colors, patterns and textures available, that the inception of an idea becomes fully formed and a formal composition becomes apparent to me. I create a sense of space through the use of a symmetrical niche or alcove in the perimeter of the work while creating tension within the work by using asymmetrical balance of elements to suggest foreground, middle ground and background. In an effort to insinuate that the narrative goes beyond the moment captured, elements placed within the narrative often spill over into and sometimes beyond the border that implies containment.




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