Broken Ophelia

This piece is another tribute to my love of literature.  I depicted the tragic figure of Ophelia from Shakespeare's Hamlet.  In the story, Ophelia's revenge-hungry boyfriend sort of accidentally stabs her father (he was eavesdropping behind a curtain at the time).  This causes Ophelia to lose her sanity and she ends up drowning in a river.  In my piece, I wanted Ophelia to look broken and ragged.  Her torso is made from a repurposed jewelry hanger and I sculpted her head, arms and hands from polymer clay.  Her dress is made from various fabrics, mostly organza.  To achieve the torn and tattered texture of the top layer, I poked and twisted the organza with a fork (very good stress-relieving technique, by the way).  Her wings are made using a stitching technique done on dissolvable paper.  Her hair is ratted yarn and she's accented with flowers and ribbon.



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