Cairn on Bald Mountain: Determined Daisies

This artwork incorporates found papers (magazine ads, security envelopes, topographic maps, and junk mail), corrugated cardboard, ink pencils, acrylic, and altered photographs that I shot as we hiked to the top of Bald Mountain in Utah at 10,000 feet.  Seeing plant-life at these elevations reminds me of how determined they are to survive.

Cairns are structures that are both natural and manmade.  They mark the landscape for various reasons and in this case the top of the mountain.  Cairns are a beautiful work of art created by random hikers in a moment of creative play and mutual cooperation.  I wanted to capture these striking sculptures in my artwork as well as define where they are located by collaging my photos with topographic maps of the area.  Artwork size: 16" x 16".




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