"Candy"–because she’s pink and white and VERY sweet!

"Candy" is a clothing mannequin, rescued from a store that was closing. She was cleaned and gessoed and then covered with many layers of decorative papers and Japanese rice papers, in skin tones and off whites for her "lacy" camisole. Finally, she was embellished with lace trim and ribbon straps and rosebuds. She is only an upper torso/bust and is mounted on an adjustable stand.All the gluing was done with acrylic mat medium and she is coated with a protective top coat of the same medium, leaving her with a smooth, even surface that is not glossy.

In actuality, I am a watercolor/mixed media artist but I have done several 3D pieces like Candy. It is a lot of fun and many of the same mixed media techniques are used as in my paintings. To see more of my work you can visit my blog at mixedmessagesbykathleenmattox.blogspot.com or my fan page on Facebook, "Mixed Messages" by Kathleen Mattox.


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One thought on “"Candy"–because she’s pink and white and VERY sweet!

  1. Oh, this is great… nothing else like it in the gallery!  Use of collage materials is so well thought out and allpied. Love this piece and the others like her by Kathleen Mattox!  Great Idea….. she is a real creative artist!


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