Christmas Tree Tea Necklace by Normajean Brevik

Living in New England offers some unique shopping excursions for me and my mom over the years. A special destination for us each year was and all day trip the Christmas Tree Shop in Rhode Island. For those of you non- New Englanders let me explain that the Christmas Tree Shop is not so much Christmas as it is a gigantic plethora of mostly home goods  "junque" that we really don't need but love to buy. On one of these excursions I happened upon the most delicate tea cups for a dollar and used it for years. It broke my heart when it broke this year, as my mom had passed away. But mom always said that I saw the beauty in the garbage and so I rescued the pieces from the trash to be used in my art. This challenge offered the perfect excuse to use these cup shards in a my soldered mixed media piece. I call it the, Christmas Tree Tea Necklace. The shard was foiled with copper tape and soldered and rings were added for the glass leaves dangles and also to accommodate the satin cording to complete the necklace. It will serve as a wonderful reminder of moms and my shopping fun. 🙂

Normajean Brevik


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