"Clementine", a unique mannequin, representing the realm of citrus

"Clementine" is a full-size clothing model mannequin. She was purchased from a store going out of business, along with her 6 sisters, and collaged, decorated, and embellished with colors and words that best describe"citrus" because she was to be entered into an Agricultural show competition here in the Central Valley of California.

I painted Clementine with acrylic paints and added many collage papers and magazine and computer-generated words and pictures. I also used some lace, doilies, and buttons around her neck and shoulders and ribbons and beads, arranged on one shoulder and asymetrically around the bottom of the figure. The gluing was all done with acrylic mat medium and it held all the materials in place very well. A final top coat was added when all the work was complete. She won a third prize in the Citrus Category at the Madera Ag Show so she must have been appropriately dressed!



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One thought on “"Clementine", a unique mannequin, representing the realm of citrus

  1. Take a look at this!  The concept and execution of this piece is fabulous!  The interplay of of color, shape and theme along with the words used on the form makes it briliant, in all ways!  This piece and the other 2 submittred by the artist, Kathlene Mattox, are outstanding!  She has my vote!


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