Climbing Geckos 1

Monoprint,  handpulled, 8"x10" image on 11"x 14 and 5/8" BFK Rives printmaking paper, handmade stencils, gecko paper punch, Charbonnel Aqua Wash Inks.

The inspiration for this print came from our trip to Hawaii. When we stayed on Maui, our cabin had daily and nightly visits from geckos. We even found one climbing out of a vase.

I created this print in several steps.  First I made my stencils for the vase, bowls and shelves and punched out the geckos. I arranged them on a piece of  paper about the same size as the acrylic printing plate I wanted to use until I found a composition I liked. I laid down several shades of  green as a background on the plate. Then I inked each stencil separately and lay them down on the same plate in the composition I had chosen.  I used ochres, browns and reds because I knew that they would pop out against the green. I then ran the plate through the press.  

It's impossible to predict exactly how a monoprint or monotype will turn out, so every one is a surprise.



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