Coils collage

Coils is a collage created on 18"X24" gallery-wrap canvas.   This collage is comprised of a variety of previously prepared  materials; among them is "puff-"painted paper:   I made a "puff" mixture of shaving cream and Elmer's Glue, brushed it across Kraft paper, and sprayed it with assorted watercolor paints.  After that dried, I spread a protective layer of gloss medium over the entire surface.  Another incorporated material is Sulky Paper Solvy, a water-soluable adhesive material meant to be used as a sewing aid, which I used to create textured paper castings that I sprayed with watercolors.  Some of the papers were commercially available papers, including Thai lace paper.  I also added an open-weave mesh sold with florists' supplies at Christmas.  After I assembled the collage, I segued into low-level assemblage, using coils of wire (fancy paperclips) and pipe cleaners wrapped in assorted yarns.  One of these yarn-wrapped pipe cleaners has a long dangling end which hangs off the lower edge of the collage.  The final touch was to add mainsprings from old discarded wristwatches.


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