ABSTRACT FORCES 060410 (22 x 30)

Watercolor Board, Matte Medium, sand, acrylics, watercolor, stained rice papers, marbled papersacks, gessoed tissue paper, discarded watercolor paintings.


I brushed and sprinkled matte medium onto watercolor board, while the matte medium was still wet I sprinkled sand over the medium.  When dry I brushed the excess sand off.  I coated the watercolor board with one warm color and one cool color.  I already had the papers prepared that I was going to use for the collage part.  I adhered the papers to the board with matte medium.  Sometimes I tore the papers and sometimes I cut them. I pulled the painting together by using large, medium and small collage pieces using mostly rectangle shapes with a few curvilinear shapes for contrast.  For color organization I choose an analogous color scheme with some of their complements.  I put my brightest color where I wanted my focus.


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