collage – MOONLITE 032910 Jane E. Jones

MOONLITE 032910 (15 x 25)

Gessoed watercolor board, salt, gouache, a discarded watercolor painting, bubble wrap stamping.


Using a piece of watercolor board I applied gesso thickly with a piece of mat board.  I loosely layed tissue paper pieces, different sizes, into the with gesso then sprinkled table salt all over the piece.  I let this dry overnight. The next day I painted a wash of closely related colors on the color wheel over the whole surface.  When dry I added painted rice papers and a discarded watercolor painting securing these pieces with matte medium.  I then added gouache  and watercolor and stamped with bubble wrap.  At the focal point I used the complement of the related colors.  In this particular piece I used blue-purple, blue and blue-green with the complement of blue which is orange.


Jane E. Jones


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5 thoughts on “collage – MOONLITE 032910 Jane E. Jones

  1. Interesting aproach and process. I love the clear ,defined, complex shapes and colors at the top of the piece contrasting with the more muted colors and sameness of the shapes  at the bottom of the piece.


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