collograph on linen with embroidered details

A few months ago I was struggling with what to do next.  What I really wanted was the simplistic, clean lines of etching or wood engraving. I retreated to my comfort zone – I've done needlework all my life and when I need a break from everything I pull out my threads, fabrics and felt.  I decided to embroider a  collagraph.  Most needleworkers cannot imagine covering a piece of stitching that took a few hours to do in 4 coats of acrylic medium then inking it up and running it through a press (still life with vases detail 1).   The resulting prints, both on paper and linen were beyond my wildest expectations.  I absolutely love the effect, being able to see the stitches as well as the weave of the canvas.  Adding back color either by hand coloring the plate (not shown) or by embroidery (still life with vases detail 2) means the possibilities are endless. 


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