Colored Beads Reverse Art Canvas Shadow Box Collage

I had taken several photography courses at the local community college, and I had so many photographs that needed to displayed. And the photographs needed more than just a frame and then left to on the wall. Or, to languish hidden in a file drawer.  The photographs needed to be showcased in their own collages so they could tell their own stories. My son had several canvases from his painting class that were practice pieces that were gathering dust in the closet. I reused the canvases by turning them backward and using them to make 3D  "shadow boxes" for the photographs. Also, I would be still keeping my sons practice pieces without having them take up closet space.  I had taken several photographs of beads in a retail bead store for a class project. This collage is a close up of selection of beads in the retail store. This is a reverse image of the selection of beads. The photograph is mounted on foam board and set within a canvas frame. Within the canvas frame a collage of additional bead photographs is mounted behind the main photograph. Satin ribbon create a black frame around the collage of photographs and covers the wooden frame of the stretched canvas.. A string of beads functions as a hangar for the collage as well as bring more beads into the collage.


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