Creating Colorful Painting from Your Travel Photos

You can return from a trip with loads of fabulous photos that you can turn into colorful paintings on your journal pages.  I can explain how to find 4 different paintings from one photo and how to make thumbnail sketches to discover which of the 4 sketches will make the best journal page.  Then I can show how to use 4 values of shading to make your sketch come to life and how to turn your black and white sketch into a colorful painting that will create memories in your journal.

I am a travel painting teacher who loves to create her own journal pages with watercolor and pen and ink and sometimes ephemera and watercolor pencils. It is very easy to take your own pictures while travel and turn them into paintings on the pages of your journals especially if you use a grid to make your drawing much easier.   I can show you how to place a grid over your travel photo and then sketch your drawing on journal page. I can also explain how to add ink lines to your watercolor paintings to give them more zip…..


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