Creative Bloom Art Quilt

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The title of this mixed media art quilt, “Creative Bloom” represents to me a state of inspiration as artists  believe we all aspire to. Inspiration, when in bloom, is readily available, it's a riot of color and shapes and ideas. Several years ago I was lost to my creative self. I knew I needed to create to be happy but the ideas just wouldn’t come. Finally I committed to sitting at my table, with my sketchbook, once a week. I was going to put the time in, ideas or no. From this small start I began to cultivate inspiration again through small prompts, self-challenges, and free writing. My creativity began to take root again; it began to grow and finally reached a glorious bloom time. Now, the ideas come readily and I’ve taken care to continue to grow and nurture new ones.

This quilt is my tribute to this process of planting the seeds, nurturing them; growing them and finally seeing them bloom. The small sketched fabric "paper" collages in each of the four corners of the quilt represent this process. The central image is of a garden in bloom. It’s a riot of color and texture. To create this piece I first did a watercolor sketch and then used it as a template in a subtractive manner to cut the flowers. The flowers are sculptural and come right off the background piece. This background piece was created patchwork style from scraps I had in my stash. The black border was embroidered. On either side of the central image I have my wire words, “create” and “bloom” layered on top of a batik fabric and strips of copper sheeting. To finish the piece I added an embroidered affirmation of who I am as an artist. This panel is further emphasized by the birch branches stitched below them.

The embroidered affirmation reads:

"I am an Artist who cultivates her creative life as a gardener does a garden/ I sow seeds of inspiration and trust that they will grow."

This piece was constructed entirely by hand, the pieces all stitched together using embroidery floss. It measures 22 ½ ” x 22 ½".



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