Creative Mind Map

It was created by cutting my own silhouette from a map of my home state. I positioned it to take full advantage of the geography of my home town and surrounding area. I-79 provided an edge to the face. I used watercolor pencil to give it the flesh tone. From there, I used words in various mediums (magazine print, beads, brads, stickers, wood cuts, rubber stamps and the fortunes saved from cookies) to embellish the piece, giving a feel for the "thoughts" in my head. Interstate 90 made a great divider of sorts and I was inspired to further embellish the piece by braiding embroidery thread and stitching it along the route, giving the effect of a hairline. I only included two facial features (ear and eye) because I wanted the piece to focus mostly on what was happening on the inside. I did not add color to the ear, as it is a pencil drawing I found and really liked the contrast and its representation of creativity, though I know it would have been more cohesive to have done so.


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