Cubism Doll Mixed Media Painting Featuring high key and neutral colored forms contrasting with a textural organic background

This is an original mixed media collage painting i completed in 2011. 

The background is neutral colors and heavily textured with organic movement.  The girl as the focal point is an original creation of mine, her outfit is hundreds of triangles cut from green magazine clippings and her face, neck, arms and legs bear a message that i wrote. It is written in french as the theme is high fashion HOWEVER….

This is what the message says DECODED: My advice to all women, please accept and love yourself for who you are. Never buy a beauty magazine as it will just mislead you into false reality. Respect yourself, make healthy choices, stay active & be the best woman you can be. It does not matter what size or shape you are or what kind of clothes you wear. NEVER doubt yourself or listen to opinions of others, stay confident and true to yourself, choose your words wisely and always carry a smile with you. Put love into everything you do and remember that TRUE BEAUTY comes from within.

I love texture, vibrant colors, organic movement and ambiguity in a piece.  I hope you find all of those in this!  The piece is sold, however will be featured in AZ Culture, January 2012.  Thank you for your interest in my artwork!


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