Dance Dress Mixed-media Stitch

This dress is the first piece in a Contemporary Craft Collection in which all pieces begin with a garment.  My intention is to push Mixed-media Stitch beyond its limits by combining concepts of Altered Couture, Journaling and Altered Books.  This garment is a "Dance Dress" and its theme tells the story of joy and happiness.  I have sewn in fabric "pages", numbered them and hand printed my story, letter by letter, using Stazon Inks and rubber stamps.  Bits of music scoring from a vintage hymn book are collaged into the pages of this "book".  The bodice of this dress has more hand-stamped text, antique buttons, game tiles and other found objects including sequins and beads.  I actually wore this dress (before altering it) about 10 years ago and enjoyed going out to dance in it!  Ultimately this Collection of Garment Books will include a Gothic Leather cape which will tell a story of Grief and Loss, a Wedding Dress, a Vest, a Cap and Gown, a Vintage Negligee and a variety of other pieces.  A common element of my work is that I start with a piece of clothing as my inspiration and 'canvas' since I am an avid fashionista.  From there you will see text, vintage papers and all kinds of found objects incorporated into the altering of the couture along with a healthy dose of hand stitching and embellishment.


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