‘Dancing Hearts ‘ Reversible Necklace

This is a necklace that I made using metal hearts from an old necklace. I took all of the hearts off of the old necklace. Then  I took a vintage envelope that had beautiful writing and decoupaged each heart. When that was dry, I gave each heart a coat of Diamond Glaze. On the opposite side I decoupaged tissue thin pages from an old book to each heart. Next I took apart an old chain to get jump rings and attached one to each heart.  A friend had given me a vintage Mardi Gras ball gown from the  House of 'V' in Mobile, Alabama. The gown had the most beautiful trim ! I cut off the rhinestone drops from the gown  and attached one to each heart.  Then I attached all of the hearts to a vintage gold necklace , adding a new clasp.

The House of  "V"  ball gown dances once again ….around my neck !


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5 thoughts on “‘Dancing Hearts ‘ Reversible Necklace

  1. Don’t you just love old rhinestones? I would rather have a vintage rhinestone with it’s own unique aging rather than a new, more sparkley one, any day of the week! Neat necklace.Add


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