Dear Little Bird Journal Spread



Dear Little Bird,

Tell your heart to beat again. Give yourself permission to grieve. Let go. Listen to your heart. Take a risk! Stop looking at the past. Believe in your dreams. Dare to hope again. Let yourself laugh. Find what brings you life. Let God breathe life into your dreams. Be true to who you are. Release your passion. Be still. Don't be afraid to feel pain. Embrace brokenness. Be vulnerable. Unveil beauty. Allow your dreams to take shape. Surrender your life. You are not in control. Let it go. Trust again. Cultivate faithfulness. Stretch out your wings and fly!

This is a journal spread titled "Dear Little Bird" in my Believe Art Journal. I used vintage wallpaper, painted papers, paint store swatches, india ink, vintage book paper, vintage handwritten letters, clothing patterns, and art pens. I love to use bright colors in my art.


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