Decayed Elegance Cuff Bracelet

I started this piece with the idea of something time worn, organic, slightly grunge, but with an elegant touch. The first piece of inspiration came from the rhinestone clasp off of an old tattered pearl necklace. Next I found an old decaying canvas bag with worn fringe at the top. I then tore strips from various cloth and washed it several times to get a very worn frayed edge look. Layers of torn handkerchief,  hand stamped fabric, and antique fabrics make up the background. The torn strips were fashioned into rough layered flowers and hand stitched to the background along with lots of extra fabric "pulp".  Tattered pearls from the time worn necklace were hand stitched into the design as well. The finishing touches for this cuff bracelet were the antique rhinestone beads cut from a 1920's flapper dress. Each one is stitched by hand into the design. The result of all of these layers is an elegant decayed style with a bit of bling. It is an easily worn, comfortable style that is perfect for everyday or for a night out.  The cuff is designed to be overlapped and connected at the clasp so there is no "break" in the design when worn.


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