Dias de los Muertos brick wall studio

My studio is the livingroom of my small apartment.  I take everything outside to the brick wall of my building to photograph it.

This is a series of photos of my Day of the Dead art quilts that I make and sell on my etsy site,  susiartquilts.etsy.com

One is a skeleton party, and the other is a skelly party, "Under the Sea". It was so much fun to make…I tried to put a lot of different sea creatures in the seascape…the customer wanted her kids initials (R and G) put somewhere in the work, so I used the letters as the scales in the 2 fish. You can read them sideways.  She likes french fries, so I have one skelly holding a package of fries…and there is a maple leaf on the silver lame jellyfish, to symbolize Canada.

I really have no wall large enough or blank enough to hang quilts to photograph them, so the end of my building has become my "outside" studio. I also sit out here to paint fabric when the weather cooperates. If your living space is small, consider expanding outdoors whenever the weather is good.


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