9 thoughts on “Do Not Meddle In the Affairs of Wizards

  1. This has a feminine feel to it. Not just because of the use of rose/pink in the color, but the feathery strokes and shapes have a distinct “femaleness” about them.  This also makes me think of winter for some reason.

  2. I thoroughly enjoy this piece. Of the 3, this is my favorite. You’ve successfully interwoven your painting with the stitchery. There’s a real mystery to this piece. What the camera failed to capture was the sensitivity and delicacy of your stitchery. Bravo, Fran. You’re a master artist.



  3. This is my favorite piece out of the 3.  I love the colors and designs in the center panel. There is a feel of energy and mystery to this piece and yet there is a calming effect for me. I LOVE IT!


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