"Domestically Challenged" ~ Tutorial by Joann Loftus

"Domestically Challenged" ~ Mixed Media Collage Painting Tutorial by Joann Loftus.



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8 thoughts on “"Domestically Challenged" ~ Tutorial by Joann Loftus

  1. Wow! You have taken the tutorial to a whole new level, Joann!  Very powerful, very inspiring, everyone should watch this several times to absorb the many ideas, techniques, and steller creativity that jumps out at you.  Highest Compliments from a like-minded Jo Ann

  2. It must be a new trend to make a tutorial without words.  I get irritated and impatient by this and I find myself wanting to be delivered from the music. I kept skipping forward. The visual was beautiful, but it lacked real communication.  That is why I didn’t watch any others that you made. 

  3. I loved this tutorial and like Jo Ann Graham mentioned, there are so many ideas and techniques I had never thought of using before (like shading the figure before adhering it to the final piece!  I also think that tutorials with or without speaking are good. Your tutorial is short and sweet and fabulous!!! Sometimes less is more!


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