Door Charms #2

Door Charms

Door charms were inspired by my next door neighbors who had moved here from India. This young couple had

a traditional welcoming door hanging from India over their apartment door. I decided to make my version of

this welcoming banner for the doorway to my apartment. In the “Home Sweet Home” door hanging, I first

made small drawings using watercolor pencils of hearts, houses, and birds to be in the center of each panel.

Then I cut out panels from foam- core to match the size used in the traditional door hanging from India. I then

covered each panel with various scrapbook papers and the glued the mini drawings in the center. I then

collaged mixed media on each panel to create color and design and then sealed it with Mod Podge. I then

drilled two holes in each corner of the panel in order to later hang them together. I then used colored twine to

string them together with various colored beads in between. From each panel hangs more beads and a bell,

which is also considered to bring good luck in India. On the second door hanging , the symbol of “OM”. is

depicted. Om is considered to be the primordial sound of the universe and all the universe is created from

this sound. Doorways are considered very auspicious in some cultures. These door hangings hang easily over

any doorway or window frame and are a symbol of love and luck in the home. A person receives blessings as

they enter or exit the doorway. Several detail photos were taken of these hangings.


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