I entered the stadium filled with beautiful and confident women. The energy was explosive, contagious and powerful. The whole day was about building one another up and empowering each other to make a difference. And as I sat in my seat, layers of unbelief and doubt began to slowly fall away. I started to dare to believe. As I thought about all the possibility that lay inside my own heart, I began to weep. I know, a little awkward. But when something touches you that deeply, you can’t help it. It was on this day that my heart was finally released to dream. I started to breathe in belief with every breath. The dreams came in waves and I accepted every one. I didn’t know exactly what those dreams were yet… but I knew that I was finally free to receive them. It was a choice I made in my heart, a choice to block out the negative voices that were drowning out my dreams: a choice to be vulnerable and take a risk to dream.

This is an original piece titled “Dream” on an 11 x 14 stretched gallery canvas. I used acrylic paint, handmade papers, vintage wallpaper, vintage book pages, paint store swatches, handwritten vintage letters (written by my grandmother and grandfather), hand-carved potato stamps, fabric, ribbon, vintage maps and printed out letters. I love using found objects to create textures in my paintings. I choose vibrant and bright color schemes for all of my pieces.



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