31" x 58" collage on linen.  Photo transfer, solvent transfer, Lazertran, whiting resist, acrylic, spray paint, oil stick, ebony pencil. 

"Duende" is inspired by a recent trip to Andalucia, Spain.  On a particular afternoon in Sevilla the streets were blindingly white from the intense heat, and I walked, dreamlike, photographing ironwork details and tile, while searching for a flamenco singer.  Duende is a Spanish word that translates as a soulful longing, an unrequited nostalgia, and I wanted to convey the complex culture of modern Roma in an ancient city, the contrast of Old World Andalucian traditions with graffiti covered walls, tattered posters and peeling whitewash.  The lyrics to a flamenco song, "Nací en el Alamo," are interspersed among the images.


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