10" x 10" shadowbox collage.  Paper, wood, Lazertran, acrylic, beeswax.

"Eat-Drink-B-Merry" is a piece from a series entitled "Urban Birds" that I displayed in my wine tasting room, Tierra – Art, Garden, Wine.  The tasting room is located in the downtown of a small Northern California town and we've created a garden courtyard that is a haven for migrating songbirds and hummingbirds.  "Eat-Drink-B-Merry" pays tribute to the contrast of the pocket of wilderness in an urban setting. I used Lazertran directly over the wood block so that the wood grain shows through, and the encaustic layer softens the overall finish of the piece.


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One thought on “Eat-Drink-B-Merry

  1. Love this!  I love the colors and that it’s “simple” but striking.  And by simjple I mean….just the right amount of everything.  I admire this because I tend to always go one step too far.  I am just learning and hope to be able to create something this wonderful someday.  Thanks for sharing!


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