"Edge of Information: A Cityscape of Paper & Cloth"

A city skyline represents the source, or edge, of information and news publication.  The horizon has changed with alternative modes of obtaining and sharing information.  One wonders if the printed paper is fading into obscurity.

 Materials:  cotton, silk, and cotton/silk broadcloth, lutradur,  polyester georgette, newsprint, paper, procion mx dye, soy wax, matte medium, textile paint, trilobal polyesther thread, Quilter's Dream Green batting, Misty Fuse, commercially printed cotton backing.

 Techniques:  All cloth was dyed and/or screen-printed with procion mx dye and textile paint by the artist.  Newsprint laminated to synthetic cloth & lutradur with matte medium.  All structures were fused to whole cloth surface with Misty Fuse, then embroidered and quilted using unmarked, free-motion technique.

 Size:  36 inches wide by 48 inches long.


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