Embroidered Pansy Mixed Media Collage

This embroidered pansy collage was inspired by some pressed pansies that I had found while de-cluttering my studio.  The flowers did not survive the clean up but I was inspired to recreate them by embroidering them on  a hand painted dryer sheet. I used over-dyed cotten embroidery floss (Weeks Dye Works).  The collage was made with acrylic paint, old ledger paper, tissue paper, an old sewing pattern, and the remains of my daughter's myler balloon.  I also used inks, stamps, antique buttons, and beads.  The verse  came to me while I was driving my daughters to school and we watched a rabbit and her bunnies munching on clover as we drove by the park.  The wonder in the girl's eyes inspired me to write about it.



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