encaustic found object art: "exhibit no.1"

this is a 9"x9" piece of encaustic art that began with a sheet of watercolor paper immersed in encaustic medium. a repurposed remote control cover was painted with stainless steel paint, then tinted black to add a patina/weathered look. then came my signature technique of "riveting" paper and other organic materials through the holes. in this case, i used vintage book pages, and some electrically bright green moss found while camping this summer. after riveting these all in place, a few drops of encaustic medium was used to make them entirely secure. then the entire remote was settled into a puddle of warm encaustic medium and left to cool before ensuring its stability with some yellow thread. "Exhibit No.1" was handwritten on antique book pages and adhered with encaustic medium. the last touch was my little insect, hand-drawn on tissue paper and then adhered with some more encaustic medium. i love how the beeswax just makes everything so transparent! i have this piece framed in a shadow box for safekeeping, but took it out for pictures.  hope you enjoy!


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