Energy of NYC

I was fortunate to travel to New York City {for a second time} for an art teacher's convention. I wanted the memories of my trip tp be a "visual experience", so that every time I looked @ the pictures, I would feel the energy & excitement of my trip (as opposed to the first time, where I just put the pictures into a "traditional" album). So I took a spiral bound sketchbook, pried apart the binding, took out all the pages & colored them with oil pastels, collaged my photos & other memorabilia & ephemera from my trip, along with my journaling memories {along with notes form my workshops that I attended},  then sealed with mod podge {which I consequently learned is NOT the best thing to use, b/c now my pages get that "crackling" sound when they have been together too long}, & then re-assembled it. {I also collaged the front & back covers with my NYC map and attached ribbon to it so that I could tie it together}


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