Everything is Connected

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This necklace references the circle form as it appears symbolically in many cultures.  The circle is an ancient, universal symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, the goddess and female power.  The Zen circle, when drawn, represents the universe in a single, perfect stroke. The Tibetan wheel of life contains several concentric circles.  The spiral is linked to the circle as an ancient symbol of the goddess.

The necklace title refers to the Buddhist philosophy of the connection of all things; I am, however, making a little wordplay since each circle of the necklace is permanently connected to its neighbor.



Real Faux Bone (TM), watercolor paper, oil pastels, handmade paper cloth, thread, acrylic paint, Shiva paint sticks, copper sheet with heat patina, Melaleuca bark, Angelina fiber, brass sheet, wire rivets, micro bolts, embossing powder, PearlEx pigments, copper mesh, alcohol inks, gloss medium


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7 thoughts on “Everything is Connected

  1. This piece is so beautiful it takes my breath away. I love everything about it; its title (a truth of which we all need reminding), its design, its symbolic/iconic meaning, the beauty of the colors and textures and its honoring of the Universal Female, the Great Mother Goddess whose importance in our world,  for balance and for the healing of the female/male duality/split, cannot, in our time, be overstated.


    And I love the playful humor, the wordplay and lightheartedness.


    Wow, indeed. Brava!!!!


    Esther Essinger

  2. Everything is connected, and everything has meaning.  So much attention to detail and so much research goes into SusanF’s work.  It all has a very distinctive quality and is very beautiful.

  3. As a true virtuoso of colors, textures and forms, you have composed a work that is rich in symbolic meaning and leaves the imagination to revel in the chaos of bubbles or the mathematical interconnection of wheels and discs in a clockwork. The chain in itself is a work of art, unobtrusive yet powerful in its meaning and message.


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