Examine yourself

This is #68 in my bride series that I'm working on for 2010.  This was inspired by a blog post that I read about examining ourselves to see if we're really living what we believe.  It's easy to say you believe something but then we don't always back it up with action.  As we all know actions speak louder than words.  It made me think of looking in a mirror and looking at oneself.  Guess what I found there was only me looking back at me!  Which meant I couldn't point fingers at anyone else but myself.  I want to be someone who lives what I believe and acts on what I believe.  If I do that I won't have time to be looking at anyone else and what they're doing or not  doing!  The background is layers and layers of paint and stamped images.  The image of the bride is a transfer, I like that it came out torn and faded it reminded me that we don't always see clearly when looking at ourselves.  The skirt is made up of images that were cut up into different shapes and were glued down with gel medium.


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