Fabric Designing with Multiple Techniques

Fabric I use in my art pieces has been dyed, painted, soy wax printed, screen printed, discharged, sun printed and  rust dyed.  I also use photo transfers in my work either printed on cotton or silk organza.

I enjoy the process and finding ways to use the resulting fabrics in my art.

This piece is 12"x14" and I call it "Rust" .  I have sewn together several strips of fabric I have treated in many of the ways listed above.  I had the photograph of a rusty truck I had taken and I wanted to use it in this piece.  I went into my computer program and saturated the picture before printing it multiple times (3) on to cotton fabric.  I added embellishments to the piece using metal tags with letters and a stamp with black ink to spell out the word RUST across the middle of the piece.  I scruntched up some rust dyed cotton and sewed it in place on the upper left hand corner of the photos.  This piece has a thin cotton batting and is machine pieced and quilted.


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