Fabric necklace with recycled jewelry – "Vintage Bib"

I have an extensive collection of broken jewelry.  I buy it and friends give it to me, so I am always looking for new ways to recycle old pieces into new wearable art.  Making Vintage Bibs like this one is my latest idea for reusing some vintage treasures that I didn't feel should be broken apart any further.  This particular Bib uses old pins, a hair clip, an earring, and a button…all of which I think play very well together.  The ribbon ties are given some extra interest by the addition of a few of my lampwork glass beads on each strand.


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3 thoughts on “Fabric necklace with recycled jewelry – "Vintage Bib"

  1. I’ve been looking at these kinds of necklaces and drawing out some ideas. I’m wondering if you create your necklace base first and then the flowers and embellishments go on top, or do you play with the materials that will be on top and then create the base to hold it all together?

    Also, in thinking about the base of the necklace, you would need something lightweight and not “scratchy”. I’ve seen some that used tule, others muslin and yet others that look kind of quilted. Some seem to put chunks of the necklace on a fabric base and then piece it all together with necklace chain. What have you found to work the best?

    I really like this piece, thanks for sharing the picture:)

  2. Thanks for looking and for your questions, Indygirl 🙂

    I believe that the first necklace that I made in this style started off with the base and then progressed to making things to fill it up.  I felt that I needed to make sure the necklace would fit and hang well.  Now that I’ve made several, I tend to start with the collection of items and go from there instead.  The one shown above is still my favorite!

    As for the backing, I always use ultra-suede or a nonwoven material like that to completely cover the back.  Not only do I not want my piece to be scratchy to the wearer, but I don’t want all my stitches showing either.  You can just barely see around the outer edge that the front and backing are stitched together with beads to hide the raw edges.  The foundation is lightweight interfacing with fabric fused to it.  The backing, as I said, is an ultra-suede type of material. 

    Hope this helps!






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