fused Glass Jewelry Part 2. Designs by Rose litsey

 See more works at http://www.artsdirectgallery.com Our art studio works with glass fusing, bead lamping, tacking, slumping and is high fired in a kiln at 1480 degrees. We use only (systems 96 glass) which is designed for this process. Each work of art glass is created to give depth, shape and relief. Some works are fused with dichroic glass which was developed by NASA for use as face shields in space suits and gives reflected colors as wavelengths of light pass through it. As contemporary artists we pride ourselves in creating one of kind originals.
Check our gallery: http://www.artsdirectgallery.com
Certificate of Authenticity from Artists Artsdirectgallery.com Bio,

 Personal Art Tours: Central America, Australia, London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Holland, Italy, Germany and the United States. We have visited more than 300 Museums and Art Galleries Worldwide.
 Exhibit: Wichita Art Museum- Gift Store. Wichita Ks. Works for Sale 2010.
 Exhibit: Kemper Museum- Gift Store Kansas City, Mo. 1996 Raku Works
 T.V. Film. Arts in Wichita, Ks. WSU. Channel 13 TV. Film on Litsey's Studio.
 News Article: The Moon Valley News: Phoenix Az. 2000
 News Article: The Wichita Business Journal: Vol. 14 No. 49 Art Business Strategies Pg. 10 Dec. 3 1999.
 News Article: The Kansas Magazine: Fall of 1997 Japanese Raku by Litsey
 News Article: "The Best Kept Secret in Kansas" Eldorado, Ks. Litsey's Art Studio.
 Governor's Special Arts Exhibit, Ks. 1998
 Trade Embassy Kansas: Tokyo, Japan 1995-2002
 International Trade Show: Tokyo, Japan 1995-1996. Raku by Litsey
 International Exhibit: Osaka, Japan- Rinku-Gate Tower. 1996
 Permanent Collection: Manori, Japan1996- Honor from City Mayor
 Permanent Collection: Warren Hall III. Museum, Eldorado, Ks.
 Produced: Aboriginal painting exhibit & sale in Old Town Sept. 16/1993
 Toured: One month Australia outback for dreamtime painting collection.
 Awards: National Scholastic Award 1st. Place. 1969 Metal Sculpture


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