Gold Line collage

 I created the collage Gold Line on 18"X24" gallery-wrap canvas using a variety of previously prepared papers and other materials; among those other materials were hand-dyed pieces of Sulky Paper Solvy, a water-soluable adhesive material meant to be used as a sewing aid, which I used to create textured paper castings.   Also used in this collage was a "mesh sandwich" I had made, using loosely woved fabric as the upper and lower "slices of bread" and, with gloss medium, embedding small pieces of plastic confetti and small paper scraps between the two; after the gloss medium dried, I painted over the fabric with metallic acrylic paint.  A third material incorporated into this collage was a used drier sheet, painted with acrylic metallic paint.  A fourth element I used was "puff-"painted paper:   I made a "puff" mixture of shaving cream and Elmer's Glue, brushed it across Kraft paper, and sprayed it with assorted watercolor paints, including a metallic copper.  After that dried, I spread a protective layer of gloss medium over the entire surface.  When all the materials were created, I cut out an assortment of geometric shapes and used them in assembling the collage.  The final touch was to draw a gold line through the composition, using acrylic gold paint in a needle-nosed applicator bottle. 




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