Good Ju-ju Creatures screen printed plush dolls

 These JuJu Creatures are my good luck version of voo doo dolls…  I have hand drawn silk screens to print various faces, wings, and legs so I can mix and match their parts (some have tentacles!)  I screen print assorted heads, bodies, wings on various fabrics and then sew them together.  I give the fronts an intentional rough finish so they have that magic hand made possible spell casting quality.  They may be adorned with shells or special good luck charms, buttons, or beads.  Sometimes I hand paint some special details like glow in the dark eyes.  They are stuffed with poly fiber fill and sewn shut.  Each measures about 10-12" high and no two are exactly alike.. 




Ju-Ju (or JuJu): West African word derived from the French joujo (toy), referring to the supernatural power ascribed to an object or fetish.


Crafty Hag Ju-Ju Dolls are created to serve as a guardian or talisman to bring about good or desirable effects.  Adorn with charms and give them personal meaning.  The Crafty Hag gives them their shape,

you give them their magic.



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3 thoughts on “Good Ju-ju Creatures screen printed plush dolls

  1. I love these! Colorful, playful, just nothing but happy fun. I also like that you can switch the parts around when you are printing them, creating original creatures each time. Wonderfully delicious!


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