Green Christmas

At one point last autumn I found myself intrigued by blue and green color combinations, crazy quilts and the upcoming holidays.  I began by decorating various pieces of green fabric with paint and ink.  Then I pieced the fabric together in a stripy verticle layout, added some pieces of tulle netting, backed it with felt and did some machine quilting around several of the painted designs.  I made fabric paper from some old gift wrap and cut out the snowflakes to make small tiles.  The snowflake tiles are couched to the background with silver cording.  Then I began embroidering and beading, taking my cues from crazy quilts.  The top-most quilted piece is edged with prairie points and binding of silk.  The second tier of three large snowflakes are make of several layers of blue tissue paper glued together and painted which were then folded and cut just like you did to make snowflakes as a kid.  That process was a whole lot harder with all the layers that had to be cut at once!  The snowflaked were then stitched to a silvery gray cloth and felt with silver cording and edged with a binding pieced together from scraps from the crazy quilt portion of the project.  The small squared hung from the bottom are made of scraps from the other parts of the piece with snowflake brads and silver painted edges.  The elements are hung together with beads, ribbons, and wire stars.



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