Green Man Art Doll Assemblage

The Green Man is primarily interpreted as a symbol of rebirth or renaissance, representing the cycle of growth each spring. Believed to be of pagan origin, the Green Man may have been a fertility figure or nature spirit.

My Green Man began with the center head and is inspired by the Celtic world and my love of nature. This Green Man believes in fun and laughter and is, therefore, accompanied by two woodland sprites. The Green Man is hollow and formed over a rectangular core that was removed. His body is a gold toned stone wall. The embellishments include Celtic knots, sticks, polymer clay and glass mosaic tiles, an antique cross and an antique button. The mosaic work covers all four sides of his mid-section.

Materials: Polymer clay, polymer clay tiles, glass mosaic tiles, beads, antique button, antique cross, sticks, rubber stamps, acrylic paint, mica powders

Dimensions: 13.25"t x 3"w x 3.5"d



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