Green Wallpaper and Warrior Page

This is an altered book that is also serving me as a sketchbook/idea book for making ceramic sculptures and vessels.  The open double page measures 10 by 15 inches. 

Starting from the left, you can see torn flower wallpaper that I re-colored with Sharpies; a photo of blue and white knit fabric; a drawing photocopied from an earlier sketchbook, re-colored with Sharpie and watercolor; blue-and-white patterned origami paper; more torn wallpaper with another re-colored drawing of mine on it.  On the right page, more torn wallpaper; a negative space silhouette of an earlier drawing with a bubble pattern photo peeping through; photo of Xi’an terra cotta warriors; another photocopied drawing of mine re-colored with Sharpie, watercolor, and white marker; decorative paper that I made from rice paper using watercolor and watercolor crayon.  The background of the pages is lightly washed with gouache.


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