Harlequin Impressions

Started with stretch frame and canvas dropcloth.  Painted dropcloth with Kiltz then faux painted gold and burnt umber acrylic paints.  Glued Antique lace around Mixed media to encircle grouping. The harlequin face was embroidered with touches of paint added, stuffed.  There is a stuffed heart in the corner as harlequins seem to be loving and carefree.  I added a building made of silk fabrics sewn together, post earrings for flaire with feathers.  The harlequin has 2 earrings on either side of his hat and a black lace collar with colorful crystal gems glued to it.  Once all items were, sewn, painted, glued and pinned on I put it on the stretch frame 21" x 21".


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7 thoughts on “Harlequin Impressions

  1. Thank you Sue, you have quite a  bio yourself.  I’ve been sewing for 30 plus years.  I can’t seem to stop!  This was a bit of a challange to me to think of adding paint, glue, sparklies, lace, etc to my piece.  It was indeed fun as well.


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