His/Hers Dos-a-dos Goals Journal

Handmade dos-a-dos journal, acid-free paper, bound with a variation on the Centipede binding style over raised supports.  Lays flat for easy journaling.  A dos-a-dos book (from the French meaning "back-to-back") is a binding style where two books are joined back-to-back with the fore edge of one book next to the spine of the other, sharing a common back cover.


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3 thoughts on “His/Hers Dos-a-dos Goals Journal

  1. I had so much fun creating this journal that I couldn’t resist upgrading it from a 2-books-in-1 His/Hers journal to a 3-books-in-1 His/Hers and Ours Goals journal!  

    You can see more photos of this book on my blog, BookSmithStudio.com .  I’ve really enjoyed looking at everyone’s submissions!  Best of luck to all!


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