Holiday Diamonds

This was my first big mixed media project!  It was inspired by experiments in making fabric-paper.  The final construction includes bristol paper stamped with acrylic paints, overlayed with tissue paper and glue and more paint.  Then I cut the diamonds out and stitched the paper to fabric and felt by couching gold thread around each diamond opening.  The center piece is quilted velvet, gold foil, fabric paper, applique, beads and embroidery.  Fabric-paper diamonds were edged with gold foil pen attached with dimensional tape.    I crumpled some card stock up and lightly brushed the wrinkles with gold paint and then punched out flower shapes, decorated them with brads and attached them with glue.  Snowflake shapes were punched out of gold painted paper and attached with star sequins and beads.  The edges were embroidered with gold thread and decorated with gold wired ribbon and beads.  The diamonds that were cut out of the bristol paper were backed with everything from painted fusible web to painted paper towels, edged in gold pen and dangled from the main piece with string dyed with diluted acrylic paint. 


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