Hope, Faith, Love & Strength…and a tealight!

Embellished hollow papier-mache torso: paper serviette decoupage inside and out, shrinky dinks tags, found & bought objects, cerne relief, flowersoft, battery tealight. This small piece  is 24cm tall (10 inches) and represents the four things (to me) that are most needed on a cancer journey. The shrinky dink tag.."fly free with hope" and the open cage with the heart inside show the essence of the hope, strength and love inside us; the millefiori cross.. our faith. The piece has a soft glow from inside via a battery candle. The rear has a dragonfly tattoo and the stamped text on the front reads : experience is not what happens to you…it's what you do with what happens to you. My first ever contribution to the Cloth Paper Scissors community. Greetings from Melbourne, Australia!


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