"hope" -found object pendant/encaustic art

i realize that this piece would be more appropriately posted in the jewelry section, but unfortunately i already entered a submission into that category months ago… but i think this piece qualifies as collage/assemblage – it just also happens to be wearable! i started with the "found object" – the metal thing shaped like an upside-down heart. it had this great hole in the center of it, and i just knew i needed to put something in that hole! i finally ended up with this vibrant and organic piece of moss found in our campsite in kings canyon national park this summer, and poured encaustic medium as a sort of opaque resin. i love that the moss peeks out in all these little strands. the word "hope" was added from an antique book that still used fiber paper. all the fiber was rubbed off the back of the word until the very thinnnest transparent layer remained. it was then embedded in the wax on the surface of the found object (the whole surface was sealed with beeswax). the idea of hope just really sprang to me as i looked at this very hard, cold, upside-down heart, with all this glorious life bursting from the center. like if there is that little bit of growth and life in there thriving, maybe the whole heart isn't dead after all… maybe little by little, life will take over… at least there is that "hope".


here is a shot of the back, and then a closeup of the mossy front. the pendant measures approximately 3" high by 2" wide at its widest point.


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